What a Ride!

We took a ride down Phantom Canyon Road the other day. It’s just south of  Mueller State Park, CO. Head south on 67 through Cripple Creek (if gambling is your thing – this is the place). Continue on  through the cute town of Victor.  It has  number of really cool buildings, including the old assay office from the gold rush era. Unfortunately as with most … Continue reading What a Ride!

2 realizations about blogging while traveling.

My first discovery about blog posting while traveling is that internet service is not always available. While camping at the Mississippi Palisades earlier this month, the State Park did not offer wifi, which is to be expected. But what was unexpected is that my cel phone service was non existent for about 30 miles outside of the park. This week, the City Park up in … Continue reading 2 realizations about blogging while traveling.

Cruisin’ around the Horicon Marsh.

In all my visits to the beautiful state of Wisconsin, I can’t believe I had never been to the Horicon Marsh area. 33000 acres of marshlands, 22000 dedicated as refuge for migratory birds. Our friend Larry has told us if it’s wonderment numerous times, so there really is no good excuse. We are very glad we took the time.  We spent two nights in a … Continue reading Cruisin’ around the Horicon Marsh.

A little RV bug in the ear keeps on a buzzin’

About 2 years ago our friends K&M retired, sold their large family home and moved into a 600 square foot cabin in the mountains of Manitou Springs, Co.. Needless to say, there are countless opportunities for camping and hiking right at their doorstep. This year they have been hitting the road as often as possible in the back of their Honda Element. They made a … Continue reading A little RV bug in the ear keeps on a buzzin’