Colorado Bound

Finally! We’ve been itching all summer. The Spicy Sprinter is headed to the mountains.

Our last big trip was a year ago this this time. And it was to Colorado. Normally I prefer to explore places we haven’t been because this country is just too darn beautiful to miss any of it, but Colorado calls. I could spend months tooling around the State. There are so many big towns, small towns, ghost towns and plenty of “city” life to explore.

But the best part of heading to Colorado is getting to spend time with our dear friends Ken and Mary. I’ve mentioned them in previous posts. They left the flat lands of central Illinois and moved westward to be near family. They have a gorgeous view of Garden of the Gods from their living room. They’ve also hooked into an art community where there are facilities to create art in any manner you can think of. As members, they can hold classses to share their expertise with others.

Recently, they poured their creative talents into building out a Ford Transit van for camping. I can’t wait to see it in person, because the photos they’ve been posting look fantastic. I’ll be sure to blog about it. So together we are hitting the road for some hiking, biking, and shenanigans. They are as into cooking and good food as we are, so there are some pretty scrumptious meals ahead of us this week. I’ll try not to leave any delicious details out.

Tonight we are enjoying a cocktail lakeside at a park recommended by our friend Brad. A basil lime splash with gin. A perfect view. A perfect drink for a warm balmy evening. Refreshing after a 12 hour drive. Bottoms up!

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