It’s Tougher to Vacation Than You Think.

This past year since we have owned the Spicy Sprinter things have not go quite the way I had envisioned. We had some wonderful trips during the Summer and the Fall but the dream of escaping to the warmer parts of the country for a winter trip rapidly dissolved.

You know the old saying, “Life gets in the way”. Well it does. I made a commitment to myself that I would consciously take 6 weeks off each year until retirement so I can begin doing all the things on the proverbial bucket list while I’m still young enough to do them.

I’m still committed to that idea, only life has gotten in the way. Instead of travel this winter I spent my 6 weeks of conscious time off recovering from double knee replacement surgery. Not fun, not exciting, not liberating, but in the long run necessary if I am to accomplish my bucket list in good health. I’m still recovering 5 months after the surgery but I am no longer experiencing the daily pain from my former terrible knees.

So the Sprinter had a long lonely Winter. The Spring arrived and it is always a busy time in my family. We have a heavy concentration of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings this time of year. In addition the weather here in the Midwest was awful. Cold and rainy was the norm. Even if we had a free weekend it wasn’t a good time for the outdoors.

We are now into the best days of summer and still life is in the way. I’m working a lot to pay the surgery bills and the weekends are being consumed by necessary household projects. The positive to this scenario is that we have been around for many wonderful planned and impromptu meals with friends and family. THAT my friends is life at its finest!

So while I am itching to hit the road I am also recognizing how lucky I am to have so many people right here in town to enjoy. In late August we will head west to Colorado to join our friends Ken and Mary for some camping and hiking. Last fall they purchased a Transit van and completely tricked it out for travel. I’ll report back on their build out with photos when we return. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty darn comfortable.

The one thing I have learned in the past year is that life will continue to get in the way . That can be good and bad. I’ll still keep my lofty goal of 6 weeks on the road, but I will remember to enjoy the life that is right in front of me while I’m working it out.

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