Campfire Brownies

I made some delicious brownies  over the campfire last night. 

Fresh Brownies baking over the campfire.

I did a little cheat- started with a box of Pillsbury Gluten free mix . I followed the mixing directions, switching butter for the recommended oil. I then poured the batter into a buttered Dutch oven. 

Here’s where I elevated these brownie (no not with legal pot from Colorado) with peanut butter. I dropped tablespoons full into the batter, then swirled the mixture to make a marbled pattern.  

Pour brownie batter into a buttered dutch oven or other oven proof pan with a lid.
Drop tablespoons of peanut butter around the pan. Use the spoon or a knife to pull the peanut butter into the batter.
Cover the pan. Place on a grate over a low fire. Place hot coals on the lid, covering the surface as much as possible. Bake for about 30 minutes checking at about 20 min . Your fire and the temperature of your coals will affect your baking time. So keep an eye on them so you don’t over bake or burn. 
To do this, carefully remove the hot coals with metal tongs and set to the side. Remove  the lid with a lifting tool or heavy duty pot holders. Use a cake tester or toothpick to check for doneness. 

By the time these finished cooking last night it was very dark so I don’t have any good photos of the finished brownie. You’ll just have to trust me that they were delicious. 


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