Readying for the Road

As we log more trips in the Spicy Sprinter we are narrowing the time it takes to ready for the trip. Preparing food is probably our most lengthy chore. We gladly cook, bake, freeze and pack in order to enjoy wholesome food on the road. I don’t like leave our grocery choices to chance, in that smaller towns might not offer a variety. We also like to precook a few meals to make for quick meals when pulling in to a campsite later in the day.

For this trip, we have an abundance of vegetables ripening in the garden. In order to enjoy them as much as possible , Mike whipped up a quart of gazpacho to enjoy for an easy lunch on the road.

Earlier he made swiss chard paneer, a variation of sag paneer which takes advantage our home grown greens.

We also take a few minutes to vacuum seal cooked greens and raw meats to eliminate leaks and spills in the cooler.

 There is nothing worse than beef blood dripping all over the cooler creating an unsanitary mess.

Additionally we freeze the vacuum seals foods to provide added chill to the cooler and extend the freshness of the foods.

It’s the perfect way to transport perishable foods.

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