Bacon for the Road

Bacon is a requirement in our house. It’s actually the meat that enticed me out of a decade plus of vegetarianism. We love bacon!

So of course we must have bacon when we travel. It can be messy though. The packaging itself can be a mess once it’s open. Grease splatters on the camp stove. Then dealing  with the bacon grease is a chore. The uneven heat of the propane stove leads to unevenly cooked bacon.


Pan fried bacon on the Coleman stove.
The results are a bit uneven, some even a bit too browned. As a food stylist this bacon would never make the cut visually.

While still delicious, we can do better.

I always prefer to cook bacon in the oven on a foil lined sheet pan. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Line the slices of bacon side by side across the pan.

 Pop in to the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, drain off the fat that has accumulated and flip the pieces.

After about 15 minutes a lot of fat is rendered and the bacon is starting to turn golden.

Turn the pan 180 degrees and return to the oven. Cook for about another 10 to 15 minutes. Keep a close eye and finish to your desired doneness. Some people like it super crispy others softer and chewy.

 I strongly suggest that you use a kitchen timer. It is so easy to forget about things in the oven and there is no greater disappointment than a tray of burnt bacon.

Your bacon is read to use at home for a quick addition to a salad, or to pop into the microwave for a simple breakfast treat.

For the road I throw it into a container and crisp it up a bit on the camp stove before cooking our eggs. Quick, easy and best of all no MESS!

2 thoughts on “Bacon for the Road

  1. Hello!
    My name is Tony. You are friends with my brother in-law Mike Klingle? And my sister Ann?
    I am soon to be building my own camper van. I hope!
    Anyway I was wondering if you or if you knew anyone that I could consult with about some questions I have before I take on this exciting challenge.
    Safe travels,
    Thank you,


    1. Tony it was good to meet you at Ann”s last week. There is not enough info here for me to contact you so you can ask Ann for my email address and I can then pass your on to our friend with the Transit set up. Ill also send Ann a note. Best, Kim


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