2 realizations about blogging while traveling.

My first discovery about blog posting while traveling is that internet service is not always available. While camping at the Mississippi Palisades earlier this month, the State Park did not offer wifi, which is to be expected. But what was unexpected is that my cel phone service was non existent for about 30 miles outside of the park. This week, the City Park up in Washburn, WI offers wifi which was a great perk. Full access to the world of social media. The ability to post everyday if I wish. This brings me to my second discovery about blogging while traveling.

I find it difficult to be fully in the moment enjoying everything that travel has to offer while pausing to write a post. One reason I wanted to blog about our van camping experiences is that there so many subjects that can be shared with others who are interested in small van camping, or rv travel. I'd love to share help tips, recipes, cool locations, roadside finds, you get the picture. But I realize that I'm not willing to sacrifice my experiences in the process. So I will take notes and photos of things to share. I will write about it as as time/Internet service allows. This way I won't sacrifice my reasons for traveling in the first place. I hope this doesn't make me a non committed blogger. Carpe died!

In the between blog posts just know we are enjoying every mile along the way.

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