Cruisin’ around the Horicon Marsh.

In all my visits to the beautiful state of Wisconsin, I can’t believe I had never been to the Horicon Marsh area. 33000 acres of marshlands, 22000 dedicated as refuge for migratory birds. Our friend Larry has told us if it’s wonderment numerous times, so there really is no good excuse. We are very glad we took the time. 

We spent two nights in a nicely wooded Dodge County Ledge campground. The parks hiking trails lead you to beautiful sites of Horicon from up high on the the rock ledge formations throughout the park.  

 A few other campgrounds operated by the county offer boating and kayak launches on the Rock River. I know we will be back in the area this fall for sure. And I am inspired to keep track of the migratory times for birds passing through. 

There is a 36 mile loop around the Marsh that can be biked or driven. Since we aren’t set up for bikes yet, we auto toured. It was a beautiful afternoon. The rains of the day before gave way to a partially sunny sky. We were totally comfy in our air conditioned Clubhouse. I’m guessing the incredibly humid air kept the number of cyclists we saw to a bare minimum. 

One thought on “Cruisin’ around the Horicon Marsh.

  1. Nice! Love the blog, you have been busy! I love that you have created this site. We stayed at the Audubon Inn in Mayville a couple of years ago. A young couple had just purchased the hotel and the restaurant Nola Grille was fantastic. We had a great conversation with the very well-traveled bartender and you guys would have loved the bitters they created. We did ride our bikes around the area but didn’t see many birds on that trip.

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