Keep Out! No jerks allowed. 

As I prepared for our current trip I was thinking about what it is that makes me so happy about being in the Spicy Sprinter. 

Certainly there are bigger and fancier ways to travel. Then it hit me. It's the feeling I get when I am inside it.  It completely takes me back to days of making clubhouses as a kid. Your own "secret" hideout where friends could hold private meetings, snack on junk food from the local candy store and make plans for the rest of your lazy summer day. 

That's it! The Sprinter is like our new Clubhouse. A cozy little hideaway. A respite from the political BS of the day. A chance to daydream for a moment or to play a game. No house chores. No laundry. No obligations. Take a nap or not. Read a book or not. We make the rules in the club house. So far there are few: 1. Enjoy the beauty before us. 2. A cold cocktail by 6pm. 3. Eat delicious food. 4. NO JERKS!

Clear our minds of  crazy, harmful, negative political arena that permeates everything we see and hear. The seclusion of The Clubhouse gives me chance to experience the beauty and kindness in this country. I'm in the clubhouse now. I'll be back when I am refreshed. 

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