4 Ways to Cook up Delicious Eats in an RV. 

Anxious to figure out what works for us and what does not in the Spicy Sprinter, Mike brought out every cooking appliance we have in the RV to experiment with various cooking options. My inlaws left us a nice Coleman propane grill with an interchangeable griddle surface. We grilled some burgers one night using the grill plate. We found it difficult to control the heat during the daylight hours because you can’t easily see the flame. The Coleman did a good job, but we plan to figure out a marking system on the control knob to help get more precise heat. Any suggestions?

We found that the grill and griddle plates are also very useful on top the fire pit grates supplied at the park. So often they are filthy and rusty. Using the  parts from the Coleman we didn’t have to deal with using foil or scrubbing the fire pit grate before use.

Cooking over the open fire the easy way.

Brats and sauerkraut on the cast iron skillet. Toasted rye bread and left over hashbrowns on the griddle. A little coarse grain mustard and dinner is ready!
Remember that rain I mentioned in my previous post “Maiden Voyage aSpectacular Success”?  It began to rain just as we returned from early morning fishing and we were starving. Leary of open flame in our small space, I packed an induction cook top , which I use for work now and again. An induction cooker uses magnetic coils to produce heat.

A stainless steel or cast iron pan is necessary for magnetic induction to occur. There is no open flame and the heat transfers directly to the pan. It is highly efficient and low in residual heat, making it ideal for and enclosed space like an RV.  for a full explanation of how induction heating works go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induction_cooking.

I turned on the roof fan to exhaust out, and threw a couple of left over burgers into a cast iron skillet. A delicious  hot lunch in about 15 minutes while the rain poured down outside. Just what we needed after a disappointing morning of fishing.

Be it propane stove, grill, open fire or induction cooktop, we are ready to dish up great meals what ever the situation might be. Looking forward to sharing some great cooking tips and recipes with you in the future.

Electric Induction Cooktop. No open flame. Very efficient heat source.


Enjoying lunch in the cool dry Sprinter while a brief deluge took place outside. Happy Campers!

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