A little RV bug in the ear keeps on a buzzin’

About 2 years ago our friends K&M retired, sold their large family home and moved into a 600 square foot cabin in the mountains of Manitou Springs, Co.. Needless to say, there are countless opportunities for camping and hiking right at their doorstep. This year they have been hitting the road as often as possible in the back of their Honda Element. They made a cozy space by building a bed platform and carrying all their junk underneath it. As fun and beautiful their trips have been, the reality of chilly nights, steamed windows and the dreaded 4:00am bathroom run set in.

They were already pondering their next move when we told them we bought the Sprinter. That sealed the deal for them.

They recently plunked a down payment on a large, tall Ford Transit cargo van. In about 6 weeks they will swing into action tricking that baby out. I have no doubt that it will be spectacular! They are both artists and K spend many years teaching Industrial Design. I hope to convince them to guest post for us as they do the build out. I think it would be great fun and an interesting read to watch them build it from the ground up. Stay tuned….

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