Being influenced without even knowing it. 

So the RV idea has been on our minds for quite some time. Maybe even decades. Over 30 years ago my in laws sold the family home and hit the road in an RV. They traveled everywhere. From Nova Scotia to Baja and all points in between, They traveled full time for the first three years. They had their favorite towns, favorite places to hear music, favorite libraries, grocery markets, cafes and diners. They joined RV rallies, visited relatives, made friends. So to say they are an inspiration is an understatement. Who wouldn’t wand to wander North America as the winds (and music festivals) blow you.

By the time they built out their latest RV, ta 2008 Dodge Sprinter, they knew exactly how they wanted to travel at this stage of their lives. Over the it 30 plus year of travel they had owned 4 RV’s of varying style and size. The Sprinter was to be their most compact. They knew just what they wanted to pack into the limited  space.  I must say they did a spectacular job. Plenty of storage. All your basic needs right at hand. And comfy to boot. Time will reveal if we feel the need to make modifications. The idea of solar panels and more boondocking appeals to us, but we will see. We are anxious to get it on the road and find out how well we travel in our new tiny space. We’ll earn what we must have and what we can live without. And find out how much space we need from each other. We will see. What ever adjustments we make along the way, it will be an adventure. One we have been dreaming about for quite some time.

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